Missionaries in North America

  • Dick and Vivyen Angelo



    Mission Board: Camp Forest Springs

    Ministry Focus: Christian camping

  • Dr. Paul L. and Leticia Dunteman



    Mission Board: Life in Messiah

    Ministry Focus: Jewish Evangelism

  • Leslie Downie Jaenicke


    Mission Board: Child Evangelism Fellowship

    Ministry Focus: Bookkeeping and financial reporting for chapter ministry. Training partner church members for ministering to and evangelizing children. 

  • Phil and Peggy Janofski


    Mission Board: Wycliffe Bible Translators

    Ministry Focus: Teaching Intercultural Communications courses for new missionary candidates, Oversees Health services for candidates. 

  • Daniel and Kendra Jones


    Mission Board: CRU

    Ministry Focus: Student outreach University of Illinois - Champaign-Urbana, IL. Kendra - Staff development for short term mission staff. 

  • Ron Kooyman



    Mission Board: American Missionary Fellowship

    Ministry Focus: Pastor, Cicero Bible Church. Bible clubs for children and teenagers. 

  • Wesley and Priscilla Peach



    Mission Board: Word of Life Canada

    Field of Service: Quebec, Canada

    Ministry Focus: Wes is academic dean of Parole de Vie Béthel in Sherbrooke QC as well as teaching classes. Priscilla is working in the office preparing course material and formatting curriculum. 

  • Scott & Kori Schwartz


    Mission Board: Life in Messiah

    Ministry Focus: Brooklyn, New York

  • Tim and Karol Svoboda


    Mission Board: WYAM

    Field of Service: San Francisco, California

    Ministry Focus: Working with drug addicts, prostitutes, street people in San Francisco

  • Bill and Thelly Thomas

    Email Address: thelly.thomas@ccci.org or Bill. thomas@ccci.org www.ccci.org

    Mission Board: CRU

    Ministry Focus: Thelly - Executive Assistant to the chief of Staff of the President of Crusade for Christ. Bill Leadership Development and Human Resources team in the Office of the President. 

  • jim and Connie Turek

    Email Address: connie_turek@ntm.org

    Mission Board: New Tribes Mission

    Additional e-mail: connie_turek@ntm.org

    Website: www.ntm.org/jim_turek

    Ministry Focus: NTM’s Missionary Training Center in Roach, Missouri Jim: Director of Outreach; Jim and Connie: Student Life Leadership Team; Student Advisors/Deans

  • Milton and Linda Watt

    Email Address: milton.watt@sim.org or linda.watt@sim.org

    Mission Board: SIM International

    Ministry Focus: Milton: Bible translation (for the Fulani people of Western Niger) and Bible translation consultant work. Linda: Conducting Trauma Healing courses, working with adoption services. 

  • Paul and Roxanne Wilson

    Email Address: paul@wilsonnews.net

    Mission Board: EWC International

    Field of Service: El Monte, Mexico

    Ministry Focus: To serve and support local churches and mission agencies by offering facilities, programs, and resources designed to reach the unreached, train and encourage believers, and prepare cross-cultural missionaries

  • Hank and Karen Zeck

    Email Address: hzweck@sbcglobal.net

    Mission Board: Reach Beyond

    Ministry Focus: Engineer for radio broadcasts into restricted areas.